Cold and Flu – When to Visit Your Physician
Cold and Flu – When to Visit Your Physician

January is often the month when cold and flu season is peeking.  The best remedy for either one is typically rest and fluids but it’s important to know when an appointment with your physician is needed. The following symptoms should be reviewed by your doctor:

  • Trouble breathing/shortness of breath
  • Chest Pain
  • Prolonged fever (temp. of 100.4 degrees F or over for several days)
  • Can’t keep anything down – water and hydration is vital when you have upper respiratory symptoms.  If you cannot keep water down you may need IV fluids
  • It hurts to swallow – sore throat is normal but severe pain may be a sign of infection that needs to be treated by a physician
  • Prolonged cough – more than a few weeks could be a sign of secondary infection especially if it seems to be worsening rather than improving