Colorado Mountain Medical uses the HaleHealth® to provide an internet-accessible application that offers patients direct access to their providers via telehealth. Call 970-926-6340 to determine whether your provider is available via telehealth.

General Set-Up Guidelines:

  1.  Patients will receive an email invitation and/or a text message
  2.  You are only able to access by cell phone.* See links on the right side of this webpage.
  3.  Open the app, chooses ‘get started’, enters their name, birthday, and last 4 of ssn.
  4.  A security code is sent for 2-factor authentication.
  5.  Once verified create a username and password.  You may set a PIN or touch ID for easy sign in, as well as a profile picture.

*Note: Once the sign in process is complete, patients who would like to use their computer instead of the phone may visit the same hale health website as the providers. Chrome is recommended if using a browser.

Hale Health Support

Email:      *Answered real time during business hours