Kudos for the CMM Health
What an amazing crew of Doctors, Nurses and Administration personnel! I went in and received the most amazing personalized care. I am very grateful that there are here in the Vail Valley.

Kudos to Dr. Peck
I just had the best, easiest, kindest doctor visit ever. Dr. Peck is amazing.

Kudos to Dr. Olson
Dr. Olson, thank you very much for caring for my daughter when she hit her head. It is much appreciated.

Kudos to Dr. Wolf
Dr. Wolf and her staff always make me feel comfortable no matter what the visit may entail. They can make easy, a procedure that would typically be difficult. Never have I gotten such professional care as I continue to receive from Dr. Wolf’s office.

Kudos to the GI Team
I can’t tell you how much I think of Dr. Laird and all his staff. While spending part of the year in the Vail Valley I was diagnosed with cancer. I am now being treated and things are going well. Y’all were so efficient, tending to all the details and paperwork, that I was able to return home to TN to continue treatment.”

Kudos to Dr. Foutz
I have a new colleague at work, and she asked me who I would recommend as a physician for her husband. I told her how much Dr. Foutz had helped me with my health condition and I recommended him as a great physician. After my colleague’s husband had his appointment with Dr. Foutz, he said that he now feels this can really be his home, now that he has a great doctor.
I received a phone call from an elderly patient’s daughter-in-law who said that, “Jona and Dr. Bettenhausen went above and beyond what any other doctor has done for my father-in-law in diagnosing his condition. She was so appreciative of their time and dedication to the care of her loved one. “They are wonderful.”

Kudos to Dr. Voytko
I am writing to you about Dr. Diane Voytko and her wonderful nurse, Liz, as well as your front desk staff. I was having breathing problems and called CMM to which the front desk responded, “If you are close, come in now.” I was close by and did go in, and was immediately seen by Dr. Voytko. After conducting some tests, she believed I had blood clots in my lungs. She sent me to the VVMC Emergency Room and called ahead so they were expecting me. Dr. Voytko’s diagnosis was correct and due to her fast and accurate response, I am alive today. Your team, and especially Dr. Voytko, saved my life.

Kudos to Dr. Stephen Laird
Thank you for your diagnosis and treatment of my gallbladder issue. No other doctor in the area or in Florida where I am from was able to diagnosis me. I am so appreciative for the care I received.

Kudos to Dr. Strahan
Thank you very much for seeing Fred yesterday at such short notice. We both feel better now that we know the solution to his hearing.

Kudos to the Dr. Bettenhausen
I received a call today from a very appreciative patient. She appreciated the time and attentiveness she received during her annual physical. After following Dr. Bettenhausen’s recommendations she has lost weight and feels great. Dr. Bettenhausen diagnosed her husband when no one else could.

Kudos to Dr. Strahan
In May you performed surgery on my nose to help me breath better. I wanted to let you know that I am doing GREAT! I am sleeping better than I have and as a result feel better during the day!

Kudos to Dr. Samuels
A patient who was feeling anxious about an appointment came out with nothing but compliments of how awesome the patient care she received was. Dr. Samuels really took his time and listened to her she wants to continue to see him as one of her regular providers!

Kudos to Dr. Wolf
Thank you… you were “phenomenal” and “probably the best doctor I have seen”.

Kudos to Dr. Atkins
My husband and I want to thank you for the exceptional care you provided when we visited your office. You could not have been more supportive, efficient, and reassuring for us both. I also want to thank Kelsey for her responsiveness and fast action to my requests.

Kudos to Lindsey Mockenhaupt, PA
Thanks and great work for your help with several challenging cases recently including a mystery rash, a persistent scalp infection, and a case of acute hepatitis. I appreciated your help with research, your careful patient follow up, and your vigilance with investigating possible causes in all three cases. You are doing excellent work!

Kudos to Dr. Feeney
Thank you helping to improve my health and taking the time to listen to my concerns. Your help is very much appreciated.

Kudos to Annie Hutchinson, PA
A patient called to let us know that she was very happy with her interaction with you. She wanted to make sure we all know how kind and helpful you are!!!!